A hand grenade can be made from a piece of iron pipe. The filler can be plastic or granular military explosive, military explosive or or propellant from small arms or shot gun ammunition.


Materials Required
Iron pipe with threaded ends. 1 1/2 inch to 3 inch diameter and 3 to 8 inches long. Two iron pipe caps. Explosive or propellant. Non-electric commercial or military blasting cap. Fuse cord, hand drill and pliers.

Place the blasting cap on one end of the fuse cord and attach by crimping with pliers. To find out how long the fuse cord will take to detonate the blasting cap check a known length of the fuse and calculate accordingly. i.e. if 12 inches of fuse take 30 seconds to burn then use 4 inches for 10 seconds. Screw the pipe cap on one end of the pipe and place the blasting cap and fuse in the other open end so that the the blast cap is in the middle of the pipe. (However if plastic explosive is to be used as a filler then fill the half closed pipe with plastic explosives before inserting the blasting cap, push a wooden stick into the plastic explosive to create a space for the blasting cap then insert the blasting cap into the hole.) Pour the explosive or propellant into the pipe a little at a time and frequently tap the end of the pipe to settle the filler. Finally drill a hole into the second pipe cap large enough to fit the fuse through, wipe the open pipe threads of any filler and screw on the pipe cap with the fuse going through the drilled hole.

This device can be ignited and thrown by hand like a grenade or it can be assembled in the form of a Rocket Propelled Grenade system as in a similar article on the right.


This device is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted.

This article is provided for information purposes only.




~ oleh kelanamuda pada 15 Juli, 2007.

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  1. waktu dilempar tuasnya otomatis mental ya??apa harus kena sentuhan benda luar untuk meledak??hehe salam kenal…:-)nama yg saya pake jg nama senjata buatan jerman kalo ga salah hehehe piss

    thanks Bro…
    Saat tuas ditarik memang akan ada sedikit sentakan but kaga keras-keras bgt, untuk meledak itu karena reaksi di dalam granat, ok

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