An improvised white flare can be made out of pottasssium nitrate, aluminium powder and shellac. It has a time duration of about two minutes.

Materials Required
Pottassium Nitrate Powder, Aluminium Powder, Shellac, Quart Jar with Lid, 15 inch fuse, wooden stick 1/2 inch thick, Tin can 2 and half inch and 5 inch long, Flat window screen and a wooden block.

Place the Pottassium Nitrate crystals on the screen and rub back and forth with the wooden block until processed into a fine powder. Measure 21 tablespoons of the Pottassium Nitrate and add 21 tablespoons of Aluminium powder both into the jar. Cover the jar with the lid and shake vigorously until even. Add 12 tablespoons of shellac and stir with the wooden stick until even. Cover tightly with lid until use.

Knot one end of the fuse. Wrap the fuse at the base of the can with the knotted end in the center. Pour in the white flare powder over the fuse and ignite the fuse to deploy whithin three weeks.

White flares are commonly used for signalling in low light enviroments.

WARNING: This article is provided for information purposes only!






~ oleh kelanamuda pada 15 Juli, 2007.

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