BUILD A ROCKET – Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)


An improvised Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG Rocket) can be built to launch a grenade to a distance of 160 yards by using a standard 12 gauge shotgun.

Materials Required
A Grenade or improvised grenade (see article on the right). A 12 gauge shotgun and 12 gauge shotgun cartridges. Two brass or steel washers having and outside diameter of 5/8th of an inch. A rubber disk 3/4 inch in diameter and a 1/4 inch thick, leather and neoprene can also be used. A 30 inch long piece of wood about 5/8 inch in diameter, should be able to slide into shotgun barrel easily. A tin can into which should fit a grenade and its safety lever. Two wooden blocks about 2 inches square and about 1 1/2 inch thick. One wood screw about an inch long. Two nails about 2 inches long. 12 Gauge wads, tissue paper or cotton. Adhesive tape, string or wire. Drill.

Punch a hole into the center of the rubber disk large enough for the screw to fit through. Create the push rod by putting the rubber disk on one end of the stick, place a washer on the rubber disk and screw in the wood screw to assemble. The rubber disk and stick should fit tightly into the gun barrel, if not then the rubber disk should be filed slightly until it can fit.
Drill a hole into the wooden block large enough for the push rod to fit tightly in, also whittle a depression of about 1/8 th inch on one side of the wooden block so that the grenade will rest ok on the block. Place the base of the grenade on the depression and fasten the grenade securely on the block by using tape or wire. Be sure that the wire or the tape does not cover the hole of the wooden block or interfere in the functioning of the grenade’s lever.

Drill a hole in the second wooden block so that it will just slide over the outiside of the gun barrel. Drill a hole of identical size in the center of the base of the tin can. Attach the second wooden block to the inside of the base of the can, hammer in two nails to fasten the block to can by hammering from the outside of the base of the can. Drilling can also be used to insert and bend the nails through the can and wooden block. Insert the barrel into the opening in the can/block until the barrel is past the opening of the can, wrap tape on the barrel an inch from the tip so that when the barrel is returned to the block/can opening it is fastened tightly in place. Also add tape on the other side of the barrel so that the block/can cannot move in either direction. It is very important that the can is fastened securely otherwise there is the risk of the grenade exploding prematurely.

Remove the crimp from the top of a shotgun cartridge with a pen knife. Take out the wads and plastic liners if there. Empty the propellant on a piece of paper, use the pen knife to separate in half and so return one half of the propellant to the shotgun cartridge. Stuff the wads, tissue or cotton tightly into the cartridge.

How to use for Grenade
Insert the wooden stick (non rubber side) into the grenade/block then insert that whole assembly rubber side into the gun barrel slowly until the rubber side of the stick is against the shotgun cartridge. Remove the safety pin of the grenade, place the shotgun at a 45 degree angle against the ground and fire. The grenade will leave the tin can opening the safety lever and will explode after the delay.

How to use for Improvised Grenade
Similar to above except that no tin can device on the barrel is necessary. Light the fuse on the improvised grenade and fire as before. Use at least a 10 second fuse on the pipe grenade mentioned in the article found on the right.



This device is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted.

This article is provided for information purposes only.






~ oleh kelanamuda pada 15 Juli, 2007.

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