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One of the more advanced properties of being an explosives specialist is the capability to set off an explosive device exactly when it is required to detonate. Hypothetically speaking a time bomb could be setup to explode after four months during a change in season during which time the perpetrator could disappear with very little evidence associating him with the device. The science of time bombs is much more complicated than the use of conventional explosives. i.e anyone could put a fuse in a pipe bomb and blow it up but very few have the ability to control their explosions down to the minute or the second hours after the device has been deployed in its place.There are two types of technologies associated with time bombs; The electrical deals with the use of electronic circuits to time when the bomb will go off, this technology is very accurate and could be used to control an explosion down to the last second. The mechanical is the crude way of doing things, it is less precise but can be setup a lot easier than by using an electronic circuit. An additional technology is chemical which will also be discussed.

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To understand what is a detonator you have to understand that there are two explosives. Low explosive that expands slowly like gun powder can be ignited by a flame or fuse. High Explosives include fast expanding charges like C4, TNT and Plastic Explosives. High explosives have to be set off by a detonator or a blasting cap. In such a case the detonator is considered as the Primary explosive and the High Explosive as the Secondary explosive.

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An improvised white flare can be made out of pottasssium nitrate, aluminium powder and shellac. It has a time duration of about two minutes.

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Pipe bombs are are an issue that has been over discussed on the internet without the involvement of any effective solid information on how to make a pipe bomb. The information out there is usually very shallow and does not show any real insight into the subject. This article was written with the backing of special forces improvised munitions knowledge.First a word of warning. Explosives are extremely dangerous devices, forget what you’ve seen in the movies, if you venture into improvised explosives manufacture the chances are that you will lose your hands and other parts of your body no matter how good you think you are. Life is not a thing to waste on a pipe bomb. Having said that this article is for information purposes only and should not be attempted.

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A hand grenade can be made from a piece of iron pipe. The filler can be plastic or granular military explosive, military explosive or or propellant from small arms or shot gun ammunition.

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BUILD A ROCKET – Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)

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An improvised Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG Rocket) can be built to launch a grenade to a distance of 160 yards by using a standard 12 gauge shotgun.

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Submachine Gun

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Peralatan perang yang disebut sebagai submechine gun.